How to Disconnect and Connect Jetpack Account in WordPress?

Deleting Jetpack in WordPress

Sometimes, in WordPress there arises a need to disconnect your Jetpack account so that you can connect it again. It might be because Jetpack displays an “unknown_token: It looks like your Jetpack connection is broken. Try disconnecting from then reconnecting” error message. It also might be that you just want to simply switch the […]

Automatically Generate WordPress Featured Image for Posts

While making a post in WordPress, you must have noticed that there is an option called “Featured Image”. It is present on the right side of your post compose box. From there, you can click “Set featured image” link to upload or select a featured image to you post. If your template supports it, then […]

WordPress Plugin to Reduce Image File Size

WP is a really useful add-on for WordPress. This plugin optimizes your image file size and loses some useless bytes from your uploaded images. The quality of your picture files won’t be degraded. Only their size will reduce. Your image will look exactly the same.

Add Related Posts with Thumbnails to WordPress with nRelate

If you are looking to add a related post section to your WordPress blog, then you have noticed that there are a bunch of plugins to do so. “Which one is the best?”, “Which one displays the best related posts?” are some of the questions that you must have been wondering. One of the best […]

Display Related Posts with Thumbnails in WordPress with YARPP

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is a very popular WordPress plugin for displaying related posts. This plugin will allow you to automatically show interesting content to your visitors. The contents are placed at the end of a post so visitors can find what to read next.

Different Ways to Backup a WordPress Site

Backing up is an important part of running a WordPress powered blog. Well, there are different ways to back up a WordPress website. You can download the database and files manually, you can use plugins or you can use the inbuilt admin tools in WordPress. Whatever you do, you have to be smart and back […]

The Best XML Sitemap Generating Plugin for WordPress

Sitemaps tell a search engine about all the pages that are present in your website. It is a way of telling search engines like Google about all the content that you want to be crawled. Having an XML sitemap for your website or WordPress blog is quite essential for SEO purposes. It guarantees better indexing […]

Add a Free Member to a Paid Membership Plan in PMP

Discount Code Levels

Using Paid Membership Pro (PMP) plugin, you can create a premium membership based website and charge the users a certain cost to sign up. But what if you want to give out free memberships? What do you do if you want to test the membership plans on your own? Even as an admin your user […]

How to Drip Content to Members Using Paid Membership Pro plugin

Series Preview

After you start a membership website with Paid Membership Pro (PMP) WordPress plugin, the premium posts are accessible by paying members according to their membership levels.  That means all the content that you set aside for those who have paid membership are accessible at once. While this is a preferred way for members to get […]

How to Create Email Subscription Forms for MailPoet

Widget in Sidebar

MailPoet is an all-in-one solution for offering email subscriptions and delivering them. It has been built for WordPress websites. If you want to use this amazing plugin for sending newsletters then first you have to build an email list or following. The most practical way to build one is by offering your visitors a chance […]