MailPoet is an all-in-one solution for offering email subscriptions and delivering them. It has been built for WordPress websites. If you want to use this amazing plugin for sending newsletters then first you have to build an email list or following. The most practical way to build one is by offering your visitors a chance to sign up right from the website. The plugin comes to great use when building such lists.

All you have to do is leave a sign-up box somewhere in your website. It should be in a location that everyone can see. You can place the box in the sidebar or footer widget areas, right below the posts or show it in special sign-up boxes that pop up. All interested visitors will leave their email for you and you can send them content regularly, straight into their inbox.

Here’s how to create email subscription forms and build email lists using MailPoet:

Adding the Form to the Site

Once the form has been created, the next thing to do is add it to your website. There are multiple ways to integrate it. You can get the HTML, PHP, iframe or shortcode versions. Edit the special codes as per your wish and paste it in files which will display it on a certain part of the site or within posts/pages. To get the codes, edit a form. In the bottom, you can click in the relevant links to get the exact type of code.

Another great way to integrate the form is using MailPoet widgets. It allows the form to be displayed in the sidebar or other widgetized areas. This method is the easiest one.

Once it is integrated, anyone can enter their email and other details. They will have to verify the subscription request by clicking on a special link in their email.  To edit the verification email, visit the Signup Confirmation tab.

You will have to click on Subscribers to view the lists. Both the confirmed and unconfirmed visitors are present in it. The same option can be used to manually add or import/export subscribers.

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