Sitemaps tell a search engine about all the pages that are present in your website. It is a way of telling search engines like Google about all the content that you want to be crawled. Having an XML sitemap for your website or WordPress blog is quite essential for SEO purposes. It guarantees better indexing of your pages in search engines.

If you are wondering “How to generate an XML sitemap in WordPress?” then the answer is simple. We do it with a plugin. There are many sitemap generating plugins, but the best and the most popular one seems to be a plugin named Google XML Sitemap.

After you install this plugin and enable it, you can access it from your WordPress Admin > Settings > XML-Sitemap. This plugin automatically generates a bunch of sitemaps for your blog. Your WordPress blog will have multiple dynamic sub-sitemaps. That means your main sitemap will be available at This sitemap will link to other sub-sitemaps which are separately generated for each and every month. This prevents from having a single sitemap with a large file size.

Sub-sitemap URLs will be something like You do not have to worry about submitting sub sitemap links to search engine webmaster tools. Only submitting your main sitemap.xml is enough for search engines to discover all your linked sitemaps.

Some notable features and options that you get with Google XML Sitemap plugin for WordPress:

Sample Thumbnail of Sitemap

To view a real WordPress sitemap generated with this plugin, visit

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