Sometimes, in WordPress there arises a need to disconnect your Jetpack account so that you can connect it again. It might be because Jetpack displays an “unknown_token: It looks like your Jetpack connection is broken. Try disconnecting from then reconnecting” error message. It also might be that you just want to simply switch the account associated with your privately hosted blog/site.

There are two methods by which you can associate a new WordPress (and subsequently a Jetpack) account with your site.

Method 1: From

When you first setup Jetpack on your privately hosted WordPress site, you had to connect it to a account. To disconnect it, use the same site.

Here are the steps:

To be able to use it again, you will have to give the access to Jetpack and connect to your site from the admin dashboard.

Method 2: Removing and Re-Installing Jetpack Plugin

This second method works as well but it doesn’t save your settings. Just remove your Jetpack plugin and delete all the files/data saved by it. Install it again and connect with your account correctly.

Here are the steps:

To bring back the plugin, install it again from Plugins > Add New. You will have to activate it first and then, authorize it with your account. You will need to follow the steps to set Jetpack up again according to your preferences and disable/enable/configure the modules of your choice.

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