How to Disconnect and Connect Jetpack Account in WordPress?

Deleting Jetpack in WordPress

Sometimes, in WordPress there arises a need to disconnect your Jetpack account so that you can connect it again. It might be because Jetpack displays an “unknown_token: It looks like your Jetpack connection is broken. Try disconnecting from then reconnecting” error message. It also might be that you just want to simply switch the […]

How to Limit User Statistics in Jetpack Site Stats

Configuring Jetpack Stats in WordPress

When you activate Jetpack Site Stats in WordPress, the plugin will actively begin recording statistics of user visits. It will record different important statistics like the source of user visits, the landing pages or popular posts and other details. Those details are grouped by days, weeks, months or years. You can view them and analyze […]

How to Add Favicon to a WordPress Powered Website

Setting Favicon in Jetpack's Site Icon Module

A favicon is an icon or image used in the title bar of a tab in a browser when a particular website is open. Every website can have a 16×16 pixels image on the browser’s title bar, right before the title of the page. It can be used as a branding tool for websites on […]

How to Get Shortlinks for Blog Posts in WordPress domain short links is a great way to access the posts in a blog. They act as an alternative to using external URL shortening services like and After activating Jetpack, this service is attached to your blog. When shortening service is activated in Jetpack, each and every post will have a […]

Different Ways to Embed YouTube or Other Videos in WordPress

Sometimes, along with text content, there will be a need to embed videos in posts. Depending upon where they are hosted, videos can be embedded using different methods. If the video is hosted internally in your server and there is a direct link to it then it can be embedded using simple HTML5 Video tags.

Which Jetpack Features/Modules to Enable and Disable in WordPress?

Currently, Jetpack has 36 total modules or features that come packed with it. Not everything is useful for everyone. But there are a number of common features that are applicable for most website setups. Some of us prefer to use other plugins but why load up a WordPress website with additional plugins and lines of […]

How to Control Widget Visibility using Jetpack for WordPress

Widgets are used to display information on different regions of a WordPress website. A WordPress template has different widget areas. Widgets can be dragged and placed by using the Widget Manager accessible through Appearance > Widgets in the admin area. But what happens when you want to choose or limit their display in certain pages?

Using Jetpack to View Your WordPress Website Stats

If you need statistics or analytical add-on for a WordPress powered websites, then you can try the in-built one that comes with Jetpack. It’s called Stats when you list all the modules of Jetpack.

How to Add a Contact Form in WordPress using Jetpack

Contact forms are absolutely necessary. It allows your readers and visitors to send you a message. Now, granted that there is the commenting feature in your blog which is a great way for visitors to talk back to you or your community. But the scope of the comments is limited to a specific blog post […]