Currently, Jetpack has 36 total modules or features that come packed with it. Not everything is useful for everyone. But there are a number of common features that are applicable for most website setups. Some of us prefer to use other plugins but why load up a WordPress website with additional plugins and lines of code when you can do the same thing with something that comes pre-packed? It might even have an impact on the overall load speed of your website.

That is why, Jetpack features should be used as far as possible. It is because they have been created by the company behind WordPress and they should know the best for WordPress. Additionally, Jetpack modules are simple to configure and implement. They’re for people who want to add the basic functionalities without having to check and uncheck a large number of options.

Jetpack WordPress Modules

So, when it comes deciding what Jetpack features to enable and the ones to disable, you can follow my list. These are the Jetpack modules that I’ve enabled and disabled. You can use my recommendations as per your fit.

1. Beautiful Math Deactivate Most of us don’t need to display mathematical formulas.
2. Carousel Deactivate Not a photo blog or don’t plant to have any galleries.
3. Contact Form Activate You need a simple contact form.
4. Custom CSS Deactivate  Only users with CSS experience can add additional style information for modifying their theme.
5. Custom Content Types Deactivate  Only for advanced users who can add functionality to their theme.
6. Enhanced Distribution Activate 


Yes, we want to ping search engines instantly after posting so that our content is cached quickly and search engines know who published it originally.
7. Extra Sidebar Widgets Deactivate Do not need those Gravatar or Facebook like boxes etc.
8. Gravatar Hovercards Deactivate Not that much interested in Gravatars.
9. Infinite Scroll Deactivate Themes usually don’t support it.
10. JSON API Deactivate Only for developers.
11. Jetpack Comments Deactivate The default commenting system is good enough.
12. Jetpack Single Sign on Deactivate Don’t need people to sign into the blog.
13. Likes Deactivate Would prefer adding Facebook likes over this one.
14. Manage Deactivate  Do not have multiple blogs that I want to control from the same area. Individual admin area is fine.
15. Markdown Deactivate The visual editor does it better.
16. Mobile Theme Deactivate Most themes are responsive these days.
17. Monitor Activate Yes, to know when the site goes down.
18. Notifications Deactivate Don’t see the need to get notifications about comments.
19. Omnisearch Deactivate  The site search is enough. Don’t need to search inside the admin area.
20. Photon Activate Great for speeding up photos and site load speed.
21. Post by Email Deactivate  Prefer the post composer over email posting. Don’t need to publish remotely.
22. Protect Activate  Protects sites against brute force attacks used for obtaining admin or user passwords.
23. Publicize Deactivate 


One click solution to sharing the link of post over multiple social networks. People can deactivate it, if they want to make their own custom social posts with pictures.
24. Related Posts Activate  Great for simply displaying related posts below the content.
25. Sharing Activate Allows visitors to share to social networks. Great for traffic.
26. Shortcode Embeds Activate  Embedding YouTube and other content has never been so simple.
27. Site Icon Activate  Yes, I want a favicon and my theme doesn’t have that feature.
28. Site Verification Activate Easy tool for verifying in Google webmasters.
29. Spelling and Grammar Activate Awesome proofreader for your posts.
30. Subscription Activate Great technique to notify and make visitors come back.
31. Tiled Galleries Deactivate Unless a photography website, not many of us require a photo gallery anymore.
32. VideoPress Deactivate Paid subscription required.
33. Shortlinks Activate Shortcuts are great for sharing in social media.
34. Widget Visibility Deactivate Great feature but don’t have to set visibility to such detail.
35. Stats Activate Nice to see stats easily in the admin area.
36. VaultPress Deactivate Requires payment. We can back-up our site using some other plugin.

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