Using Jetpack’s Publicize module there’s an option to automatically share the links to new posts in Google Plus. When this social network is connected for sharing links, by default, the privacy of the content is set to private or only me. For some users the content is shared only to their followers/circles and not the public. For maximum visibility, it is recommended to share the links to the public. It allows users outside your followers to discover the content via hashtags and such.

While making the connection between WordPress and Google+, there isn’t any option to select the privacy of the links that will be shared. So, to make this important social network display your links publicly, the privacy must be manually edited in the app settings or manage app page.

For making sure that the links are public, follow these steps:

WordPress Post Privacy - Changing to Make it Publicly Accessible

From now on all the future posts and links that are posted from WordPress to Google Plus will be shared as public posts. Everyone with the proper link will be able to access the post and interact with it—comments, + 1 button and re-sharing option. This is an essential adjustment that you need to make if you have enabled sharing new posts using Jetpack’s publicize module. Please note that this will not impact the old links. You will have to share the old links once again.

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