One of the popular ways to promote website content is with the help of newsletters. You can offer visitors to subscribe by dropping in their email. Once it is verified, you can send them regular updates. It allows interested people who have opt-in voluntarily to get interesting things in their email. For you, it is an opportunity to get visitors back, sell or announce something. It directly increases the number of people re-visiting a website. It builds a loyal following that is irreplaceable.

There are many email newsletter management services out there. Most of them offer integration with WordPress. But if you prefer to use a native WordPress plugin where everything from offering and managing subscriptions, composing and sending emails is handled in-house then MailPoet is a great choice. With it you can produce attractive emails and sent it to your subscribers.

It is quite simple to drag and drop images, social icons or even blog posts inside emails. You can include attractive graphics and choose between a number of themes. There are options to set up auto-responders and events, see the click-thru rate and get important notifications. The plugin offers everything that is necessary to create and manage a great email following.

Here’s how you create and send a newsletter using MailPoet:

Starting off…

Creating a Newsletter

By configuring it the way you want, you can do anything email-related with MailPoet. Send welcome emails after someone joins your site or email list. Set conditions to send the welcome email after a couple of hours or days. Control which list gets what email. Integrate it with other WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 etc. Do a lot more with the amazing WordPress plugin.

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