How to Install WordPress in Amazon Lightsail

Choosing WordPress

Amazon Lightsail is a great service to host your WordPress as an application and create a brand new website. The website created on Amazon Lightsail is fast, secure and easy to manage. It isn’t difficult to install and maintain the website, as a novice web administrator would imagine. A simple knowledge of the web is […]

How to Disconnect and Connect Jetpack Account in WordPress?

Deleting Jetpack in WordPress

Sometimes, in WordPress there arises a need to disconnect your Jetpack account so that you can connect it again. It might be because Jetpack displays an “unknown_token: It looks like your Jetpack connection is broken. Try disconnecting from then reconnecting” error message. It also might be that you just want to simply switch the […]

How to Remove Discovery Feature from Disqus Comments

Uncheck Option

Disqus offers features that are far greater than just adding a comment box in your WordPress or other web content, blogs, blog posts or other articles. One such notable feature is showing related discussions right after your final comment. This feature displays as “Also on <your-site-name>”. Although it allows people to discover more related content, […]

Configuring WP Super Cache Plugin with Screenshots

If you want your WordPress blog to load up quickly, then you want to use a cache plugin for it. There are two popular WordPress caching plugins: WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. Both of these work great but today we are going to talk about configuring WP Super Cache settings.

How to Regenerate WordPress Thumbnails and Images

If you changed the dimensions of default WordPress image and thumbnail, you definitely want the changes to be applied to previously uploaded images. WordPress image size can be set using Media Settings option or from the functions.php file of your theme.

Display Related Posts with Thumbnails in WordPress with YARPP

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is a very popular WordPress plugin for displaying related posts. This plugin will allow you to automatically show interesting content to your visitors. The contents are placed at the end of a post so visitors can find what to read next.

How to Limit User Statistics in Jetpack Site Stats

Configuring Jetpack Stats in WordPress

When you activate Jetpack Site Stats in WordPress, the plugin will actively begin recording statistics of user visits. It will record different important statistics like the source of user visits, the landing pages or popular posts and other details. Those details are grouped by days, weeks, months or years. You can view them and analyze […]

How to Publish Scheduled Posts Immediately in WordPress

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WordPress has a handy feature of allowing us to schedule posts. It enables us to queue up articles. We just set a certain date and time for the write-up to be published. WordPress will make it live on the site on the future date automatically. The feature is known to almost all WordPress publishers.

Adding Social Icon Menu in Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme

Social Menu Preview

Twenty Fifteen is a beautiful and the default WordPress theme that comes pre-installed with it. This beautiful and simple theme has two columns—the sidebar and the main content. The sidebar is static and stays in the same place i.e. doesn’t scroll. The content is the only part of the user interface that is scrollable.

Count Words for WordPress Articles and Analyze Keywords

Cumulative Information

There is this not so popular but quite useful word counting and analyzing plugin called Word Stats. I stumbled across it while searching for a tool to count the total words of all the articles in WordPress. While it is capable of doing the counting, it has a lot of other features related to keywords and analyzing them for […]