There is this not so popular but quite useful word counting and analyzing plugin called Word Stats. I stumbled across it while searching for a tool to count the total words of all the articles in WordPress. While it is capable of doing the counting, it has a lot of other features related to keywords and analyzing them for readability.

So, whether it is just for counting the total words that you’ve written to date or for analyzing individual articles based on their readability scores, Word Stats plugin is to go for. It calculates three types of readability tests/index: (1) Automated Readability Index (ARI), (2) Coleman-Liau Index (CLI) and Lasbarhetsindex (LIX). These three use certain scientifically researched formulas to calculate a score. Not everyone uses them for blog posts, but if you want it—go for it.

An interesting feature about this plugin is that it counts the keywords for each and every article. The count is seen right below the article and under the three scores or index. The top 20 most-used words are listed along with how many times they were used in the article. Over used words need to be changed.

Another cumulative stats that it displays is the overall use of words or the top 20 words across all the posts, pages and custom content. You will get informative do-nut or circle charts, bar charts and line charts to see the statistical information. They can be funneled to display the stats that lie within a certain period by choosing the start and end dates. It can also be separated by authors.

Finally, a key diagnostic information that is displayed is spammed keywords and simple text. Spammed keywords will list the top 10 posts which uses certain words too many times. The simple text feature will just list 10 posts that are too simple.

The plugin is for informative purposes. It doesn’t modify the functionality on the user-end of a WordPress website. Here’s how you can use it:

Cumulative Information

Readability  and Keyword Stats

Final Words

The plugin is simple, and great for having a linguistic diagnostic information about articles present in a WordPress site. Keep in mind that these are scientifically developed formulas that you might want to look into. Not everyone will prefer to use this plugin, but it is highly recommended to have a word analyzer plugin to make sure that keywords aren’t spammed even by mistake. It does exclude keywords from alt and title tags of images and links. This Word Stats plugin happens to be one of those that can do the job.

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