One of the main sources of traffic for a website is search engines. Considering the large number of people that search and discover websites through search engines like Google and Bing, it is necessary to have a search engine presence. While your pages are automatically listed in search results, it is much better to have a control over them. That is why the top search engines have a webmaster tools section where site owners and managers can do different things.

The first thing that one should do to get access to the webmaster tools and options of a certain website is to verify it on search engines. Verification in places like Google Webmasters and Bing Webmaster Tools is quite simple. Actually, they have a number of verification options like downloading/uploading a verification file, placing a meta tag, or even making some change in the name records of your domain.

The simplest way is to place a meta tag with a special line of code which instructs the search engine that the website belongs to someone. The meta tag provided is unique and it goes into all the pages of the website. It should be placed before the </head> tag in html documents.

In WordPress there are several ways to place Google and other webmaster verification meta tags on the website. They are

  1. Manually editing the theme’s header.php file to place the tag.
  2. Using Jetpack’s Site Verification module for easy code placement.

I prefer the use of Jetpack’s Website Verification Service because it is simple and the code retains even after themes are updated or changed.

Site Verification in Jetpack

So, to verify the website to use the webmaster tools provided by Google and others, follow these steps:

Site Verification Google Bing Pinterest

How to Get the Verification Code

To get the verification code, you’ll have to visit the management page provided by search engines. You must have a Google, Microsoft and Pinterest account if you want to use all there.

Google Webmasters Tools

<meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”EiueM1qqrMR28pzn2KNdD6ztvwVjVu8aD7snwBW7dCw” />

Copy the content part i.e. EiueM1qqrMR28pzn2KNdD6ztvwVjVu8aD7snwBW7dCw and paste it in Jetpack’s Website Verification Tools and click Save Changes. Back in Google Webmasters, click on Verify and you’ll be shown with a success message of verifying the ownership of your WordPress website.

Bing Webmasters Tools

Copy the content part of meta code i.e. 23B096186D5731A347886E67ECD450CA and place it back in Jetpack’s Website Verification Tools. Back in Bing Webmaster Center, click on verify and you’re done.


Now not everyone wants to or needs to verify their website in Pinterest, but for those who want to have a social presence, they can create a Pinterest business account and add a website.

To add a website:

Copy the content part i.e. b981a076ae3d0cf2b942bd5a02d9e908 into Jetpack’s Website Verification Tools and save the changes. Back in Pinterest, you’ll have to click on Complete Verification to finalize the process.

Final Words

Verifying websites in Webmaster Tools is absolutely necessary. You don’t have to verify in all the above mentioned websites to start with. Just do it with Google as you begin. You will be able to access awesome tools like:

So, don’t forget to manage your website in search engines with the help of the given webmaster tools. It allows you to do many things so that you may rank better and get traffic to your WordPress site.

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