If you want to find out the theme that styles a WordPress website then there are simple ways to do so. We can find it out by asking the website owner, viewing the site’s source code for the theme name or by using external theme detecting tools and services.

The requirement to figure out the name of the theme or template arises when we want to use the same design or elements of it for a website. When the name of the theme is known, we can always google and reach the theme’s official website or download page and get it for ourselves.

What Theme Does This WordPress Site Use?

If you are looking for the answer to this question for any website powered by WordPress then the simplest way is to contact the site owner. Find the contact information or a contact form in the website itself and send a friendly email to the webmaster. Chances are the site owner will share the name of the theme.

But if the website owner refuses, does not reply or if you prefer to find it by yourself then use these methods:

Viewing the Source Code

When a website is open in an internet browser, there will be a browser feature that allows the viewing of its source or HTML code. We can simply press CTRL + U in Google Chrome or Firefox in Windows. The right-click menu option or the menu bar also has the same link that will say something like View page source.

After the HTML code of the page is displayed use the search feature that is usually accessed by CTRL + F and search for


The text right next to this is the directory in which the theme files are stored. Chances are the same folder is also the name of the theme. You can google the folder name to reach the theme’s official website.

Detecting WordPress Theme

For example: In this site wpcraze.com itself, if you view the source code and search for wp-content/themes/ the text that comes immediately is twentyfifteen. From this we can gather the name of the theme is Twenty Fifteen which is an official WordPress theme.

However, the folder name cannot always give out the name of the theme. If it’s a custom theme or if the site manager has renamed the folder then it might not be identifiable just by looking at the name.

In such cases, you can use the next method which is:

Using External Tools

There might be many but here are two online services to detect a WordPress theme:

Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme Detected

These web services are simple to use. Just input the domain name of the website to detect the WordPress theme for and it will instantly try to figure out the theme name. Other details like links to download the theme will also be there.

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