Five Ways to Make Our WordPress Site Mobile Friendly

We all know that, it is very important to make our website mobile friendly. Mobile users are growing every day. Those users access the internet using their mobile devices. It is necessary to make our WordPress website look good on smaller screens.

How to Tailor WordPress Theme using Appearance > Customize

WordPress Theme Appearance Customizer

WordPress themes have the ability to make any site look unique. A number of websites are bound to look similar with WordPress being the most popular content management system. A lot of people use it and hence we come across sites that look exactly like ours. We all like to keep it distinct and have […]

Adding Social Icon Menu in Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme

Social Menu Preview

Twenty Fifteen is a beautiful and the default WordPress theme that comes pre-installed with it. This beautiful and simple theme has two columns—the sidebar and the main content. The sidebar is static and stays in the same place i.e. doesn’t scroll. The content is the only part of the user interface that is scrollable.

How to Find out The WordPress Theme of Any Website

If you want to find out the theme that styles a WordPress website then there are simple ways to do so. We can find it out by asking the website owner, viewing the site’s source code for the theme name or by using external theme detecting tools and services.