In Amazon Lightsail’s dashboard, there is an easy link to Connect using SSH. Once you login to your Lightsail account, in the dashboard, click on the name of your WordPress instance. Once you’re in the main page of the instance, there is an easy Connect to SSH link present right there. Click on it, an a new window will open which gives you access to the terminal. This browser’s version of the terminal is fully functional.

However, some people might want to connect to their Amazon Lightsail’s instance using their own SSH client. Desktop clients like Putty can be used to access Lightsail quite easily. All you need is the SSH Key Pair containing your private key. A key file is used in this case.

Important: You should have the PuTTY client downloaded on your computer. Remember to download and install using the installation package as we require both PuTTY and Puttygen clients.

Step 1: Get the Private Key

Step 2: In PuTTYgen Generating an *.ppk File

Step 3: SSHing with PuTTY


You have successfully accessed your Amazon’s Lightsail instance. This instance has your WordPress installation powered by bitnami.


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