Alright, you have installed WordPress in Amazon Lightsail with a few mouse clicks. We can already access the fresh installation with the provided IP address. Now, the next step is to local this IP address and point a domain to it. That will allow the WordPress website to be accessible globally with a domain like a .com or .xyz. This post will teach you to configure the DNS for a domain name to point to a Lightsail Instance. You can also implement Cloudflare so that the Domain’s DNS actually points to Cloudflare and Cloudflare points to your IP at the Amazon Web Server.

First, lock a static IP.

A new IP address might be assigned to you. That IP will point to your WordPress instance. It will remain the same now. The IP address is how the WordPress instance can be accessed publicly.

The next thing to do is to point your domain to this IP address.

It can be done via various methods. You can use your domain registrars DNS services to point to this IP. You can also use Amazon’s DNS service to point to it. Or you can use an external provider like Cloudflare.

The DNS of your domain registrar should be pointed in the following method

A Record points to IP like

www is an alias of


CName maps to

The Screenshots will further clarify it

Amazon DNS Zone

Under DNS Zones in Amazon AWS.
Don’t forget to point your nameservers to those provided by Amazon. You have to click on Create DNS Zone first to create it first.

Amazon DNS Records

CloudFlare DNS

Under DNS in CloudFlare
After your domain is pointed to CloudFlare’s DNS correctly, use the following screenshot as a guide.

Cloudflare DNS

Your Registrar’s DNS

The final option is to use your registrars DNS. It means that your domain name is pointing to your domain name registrars name servers. After that use the following screenshot from GoDaddy as a guide.

Godaddy Settings
The basic idea is to point A name to the IP provided by Amazon. Then www version as a CNAME of the website has to be provided to the A.

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