Backing up all the content that is online is absolutely necessary. While running a website powered by WordPress, the site files and database needs to be backed up regularly. This is done so that when there are data failures, the backup can be used to restore a website to its previous working stage. Backing up regularly requires some time and so it is better left off to be done automatically. Storing backups remotely is also necessary to be safe.

That is why in this tutorial, we are going to share how to perform a WordPress backup to Dropbox. The backup will be done automatically by a plugin called WordPress Backup to Dropbox or WPB2D. It can be set in such a way that backups are scheduled on a certain frequency like daily, weekly etc. at a certain time of the day. Also note that there are several plugins which offer to move the WordPress files and database to Dropbox but this plugin specializes on working only with Dropbox.

Here’s how you backup WordPress to Dropbox automatically on a schedule:


  1. You must already have a Dropbox account. You can sign up free for Dropbox here using my referral link.
  2. When you open the plugin for the first time, you will have to authorize it.

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