How to Use Dropbox as a CDN for WordPress Static Files

Dropbox is a great online tool. You can store your files on the cloud and you can access it from anywhere like your phone, desktop, laptop at different places. It is really simple and Dropbox has an app for every platform. If you are not a member of Dropbox, then you should join it immediately.

Different Ways to Backup a WordPress Site

Backing up is an important part of running a WordPress powered blog. Well, there are different ways to back up a WordPress website. You can download the database and files manually, you can use plugins or you can use the inbuilt admin tools in WordPress. Whatever you do, you have to be smart and back […]

How to Backup WordPress Remotely to Dropbox using WPB2D

WordPress Backup To Dropbox Settings

Backing up all the content that is online is absolutely necessary. While running a website powered by WordPress, the site files and database needs to be backed up regularly. This is done so that when there are data failures, the backup can be used to restore a website to its previous working stage. Backing up […]