If your goal is to create neat looking tables which display different subscription plans and their features along with a signup button at the end, then the plugin Easy Pricing Tables Lite by Fatcat Apps is the best one out there. Several plans can be listed in different columns and under each column—you can put down the individual list of features. At the end of every table, a signup or join button is placed that redirects users to a custom link or URL for signing up.

The tables can be used to offer potential members a side by side comparison of different features in the form of a list. It will help members to decide on an appropriate plan that fit their needs. For example: A hosting company displaying its multiple plans and their unique features on a single page. The page is used for comparison as well as for signing up.

Here’s how a sample table looks like:

A Sample Pricing Table

How this plugin works is that after installing/activation, you need to create a new pricing table. In it one or more columns can be added for listing out different plans. Details like pricing, features, and sign up button can be entered and customized. A single column can be featured which is usually done to highlight the most attractive plan.

The tables that are generated are responsive, meaning they work great in all screen sizes. The design elements like colors of the text and fonts automatically adapt to theme. It can be customized in terms of setting font sizes, button colors and whether or not to have rounded corners for all the tables. If you are good with CSS then add your own design code for maximum customizability.

After saving and deploying the pricing table, a shortcut code is generated. It can be placed in posts or pages alongside other content. The table can be edited anytime if necessary. The name of the table comes into use for identifying the one that needs to be modified. There’s even an option to upgrade this plugin to premium to get advanced features like additional designs and customizations, tooltips, google analytics integration, pricing toggles and so on.

Using the Plugin

Pricing Table Settings

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