WordPress makes use of user accounts to do several things like giving certain access and blocking specific content and settings. Usually, a regular guest can easily view the public posts, pages, and other public content but registered accounts are required if you want to publish posts and administer the website. For that, you need to create user accounts by registering them. It is easy to do so from the admin dashboard. Remember that your admin account is also registered with the website.

Creating Users in WordPress

Add New User in WordPress

You can enter the required fields: Username and Email and click on the Add New User button to quickly create a new account. You can also enter other profile fields like first and last name, website and password. Another aspect that you can choose is the role of the user. You can choose the following:

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Editing Users and Their Profile

You can easily make changes to user profile values like password, emails etc if there is a need to do so. The only thing you cannot edit is the username which is permanent.

To manage user accounts:

Editing and Removing User Accounts

You will be directed to a special page from where you can make changes to the registered accounts. Just hover over the row of the account and click on the edit link. You can update a lot of details that were used while creating the account along with additional details like admin color scheme, enabling keyboard shortcuts and toolbar, public name, biographical info as well as the profile picture.

You can edit your profile the same way by finding your username but you can do it every more simply by visiting the Users > Your Profile link in the administration dashboard.

To delete a user: Simply hover over the name in the list accessible from the Users > All Users page. Click on the delete button. You can also use the checkbox to choose multiple accounts and remove them in bulk.

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