A number of themes these days have a magazine or parallax design. Instead of just displaying the list of articles, these themes display a number of elements on the home page. We can have different sections on the front page.

These new age trending themes require us to set a static page as the front page. They also need a separate page to use as the posts page. The options are set from Settings > Reading in the WordPress administration. The option is present as

Reading Settings

But some users face the issue of not seeing this front page displays option at all. It seems to be missing for certain users. When it is missing in the Reading Settings, the options start directly at Blog pages show at most.

Reading Settings 2

For those users who cannot find the option, the way to solve it is simple. It is happening because there are no published pages created in their blog. Just create two published pages, one for the home page and the other one for the blog posts page.

For most themes, here’s how you create the two static pages—front page and posts page.

The same process should be repeated to create the posts page. There might or might not be a separate page template for the posts or the blog page. If there is then apply the template; otherwise simply create a blank page with the title Blog (or anything convenient) and publish it.

Once these two pages are published we can then go to Settings > Reading to choose the special static pages from the reading settings. Just remember the title of the page that you used while creating them and select them from the dropdown of the two options: 1) Front page and 2) Posts page.

Hit Save Changes at the end and you have supercharged your blog to use special template formatting for the home page or the front page of your blog/website.

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