It is quite easy to install WordPress in Amazon’s Lightsail. We do not have to create a MySQL database. We don’t have to download and upload WordPress script files to the web server. The automated wizard to install WordPress in Amazon’s Lightsail allows us to pick the operating system and install WordPress in there automatically. But after the installation completes, it doesn’t show us the password to the admin dashboard. We need it to make modifications, update or even to make posts, pages and upload images to our brand new WordPress site. So, how do we get the admin password for WordPress installed in Amazon Lightsail?

It’s just a matter a few clicks and a few lines of typing to find out the admin password for the WordPress installation in Bitnami.

Here are the steps:

You can use the WordPress password to sign into the admin dashboard. Visit our guide to access the WordPress dashboard, if you need some guidance on it.

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