How to Enable or Disable Trailing Slashes in WordPress Links

WordPress allows total control of your link structure and you can set it in the permalink settings. Based on your preference, you can enable or disable the use of trailing slash in WordPress category, tag and post URLs. The structure is important for SEO and trailing slashes might have an impact on it.

WordPress Permalinks: Detail Information and Configuration

A permalink is a direct public URL that points to the internal pages of your website. In WordPress, your permalinks point to your posts and pages. You can configure your permalinks to make your post, page and other links user and search engine friendly. You can create logical links for your content.

Choosing the Best WordPress Permalink Structure for SEO

Permalinks are the full links used to access the content of a blog. They are the URLs to posts and pages that are created. In WordPress, there are choices between different permalink structures. The best one should be chosen so that they are friendly for visitors as well as search engines.