The tool that allows us to upload and insert images in WordPress can do a whole lot more than that. Besides allowing us to insert and edit captions, alternate text, descriptions and titles—it can do some basic image editing as well. It is not as powerful as an image editing software but we can easily crop, resize, rotate and flip images online. There aren’t a lot of options there but it is enough to perform simple edits in images that are already online.

Accessing the WordPress Media Editor

WordPress media editor is frequently accessed from the post or page compose box. There is an Add Media button right up there which is used to upload and insert images. After uploading or selecting a previously present image, we can edit the title, caption, alt text and description directly.

Attachment Details

To see additional editing options, we have to click on the Edit Image link present under the Attachment Details.

Edit Image Button

The same tool can also be accessed from Media > Library link in the WordPress administration area. Click on an image and you will find the Edit Image button right below the image.

Features of the Image Editor

Full Image Editor


  1. Even if you make a mistake while performing basic image edits, it is possible to undo or redo any steps.
  2. The changes can be applied to all the image sizes, just for the thumbnail or for all sizes except the thumbnail.
  3. There is a separate Attachment Page for each and every media file. It will contain the media file as well as all the details for it and is accessible publicly.


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