How to Tailor WordPress Theme using Appearance > Customize

WordPress Theme Appearance Customizer

WordPress themes have the ability to make any site look unique. A number of websites are bound to look similar with WordPress being the most popular content management system. A lot of people use it and hence we come across sites that look exactly like ours. We all like to keep it distinct and have […]

How to Quickly Setup and Use a Child Theme in WordPress

While making modifications to the theme’s PHP, CSS or others files in WordPress, the changes might not stay after it is updated. Automated updates will definitely remove all the previous files and bring in new updated ones. Since the files are all new, they should be edited again.

How to Find out The WordPress Theme of Any Website

If you want to find out the theme that styles a WordPress website then there are simple ways to do so. We can find it out by asking the website owner, viewing the site’s source code for the theme name or by using external theme detecting tools and services.