How to Create Additional Sizes of Images Uploaded in WordPress?

Thumbnail Regeneration

After an image is uploaded to WordPress, we can set it to have new image dimensions (width x height) in addition to the three default sizes automatically generated by WordPress. The new image size should be registered using add_image_size to instruct WordPress to create it. Additional settings like cropping the image and setting the position […]

How to Update Default Image Dimensions in WordPress

Default Media Sizes In Media Settings

When an image file is uploaded to WordPress, various copies of the image is created and stored. Normally, three additional copies of an image will be stored with the original one. These copies are different in terms of dimension or image size (Width X Height pixels). The WordPress Media Manager, automatically re-sizes the images and […]

Alternative Text vs. Image Title Attribute in WordPress Media Manager

Image Title Attribute

The Add Media button in WordPress visual composer is not only for uploading and inserting images but it is also used to put additional media information and links. There are two main tabs present in the Insert Media window—upload files and media library. You can either upload files from your system or choose previously uploaded […]

How to Change WordPress Media Upload Directory?

WordPress media directory is the location of the folder on a web-host where media files like images are uploaded. By default, files are uploaded to /wp-content/uploads/ folder. The uploaded files are also organized into month and year based folders. That means when we upload an image.jpg in the month of May 2015, it is placed […]