3 Ways How You Can Install a WordPress Plugin

Activating Uploaded Plugin

A large number of websites today are powered by WordPress but they are all unique in a sense. They look unique with the help of themes. But only having a different look is not enough. The functionality should also be unique to cater to different audiences. To extend the functionality in WordPress, we use plugins.

10 Things to do After Installing WordPress

After installing WordPress, there are a couple of things that you need to do. These are the basic steps that you do to customize your blog. These simple customizations will make your site friendlier to you, your visitors and search engines. These are just some basic changes that you make and are simple enough to […]

How to Install WordPress Manually in Any Webhost

While most web-hosting companies offer automated installing solutions for WordPress, you might come across situations where you want to or have to install WordPress manually. That means, instead of an automated web-based installer, you’ll use the blogging software’s own installation wizard. It allows you to install a clean version of WordPress.

How to Install WordPress in HostMonster with Mojo Marketplace One-Click Installs

If you are looking to simplify the process of installing WordPress in your HostMonster hosting account, then use their automated installation service known as Mojo Marketplace. It is a free tool that will start an automated process for WordPress installation. All you have to do is follow the web based installation steps. You don’t have […]