After enabling user registration, login and submission in WordPress, the design of login, registration and forgot password pages are quite different from the site’s current theme. It uses the default WordPress admin and login forms so it might look quite dull for many. What would look great is that if the login, registration and forgot password forms were placed in pages that matched with the design of the current theme. Those pages should look like another page that uses the site template.

It is quite easy to make this change to those forms and pages. The only thing that we have to do is install a plugin called Theme My Login. After installing the plugin, there isn’t any additional configuration needed. This plugin does not have any settings. The only thing that it does is instruct the login/registration pages to use the site’s current theme and not what was designed by default for WordPress administration. It works with any theme and integrates automatically.

When installed with the default WordPress theme Twenty Fifteen, here’s how some of the frontend pages look like

User Registration Page

User Registration Page

User Login Page

User Log In Page

Forgot Password Page

Lost Password Page

Configuring the Plugin

In WordPress admin, visit the new link or tab titled TML to customize the plugin. There you will see options to enable different modules.

Note: New admin links or tabs are added under TML after each individual module with configuration options is added.

Changing the Design of Forms

While there are many configuration options available, none of them allow us to configure the look and feel of the forms. You cannot add additional messages to the forms or use a different CSS style for them. To do it, we have to edit the pages created by the plugin or manually upload files in the theme’s folder and Theme My Login will use those instead.

After installing the plugin, it will automatically create the necessary pages. They can be found it Pages>All Pages. While editing those pages, you will find the plugin tags. Keep them intact and add additional text around them.

An advanced way to change the look of the forms:

Editing the CSS

Making sure that Enable “theme-my-login.css” option is checked in TML > General, you can make changes to the CSS file. It is located in /wp-content/plugins/theme-my-login/. Change the CSS styles and it will reflect on the forms.

Overall, this is a great plugin with some detailed options for user registration pages on any WordPress powered website. It works on any theme and keeps the theme’s original design. It works best for a membership based website.

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