How to Remove Discovery Feature from Disqus Comments

Uncheck Option

Disqus offers features that are far greater than just adding a comment box in your WordPress or other web content, blogs, blog posts or other articles. One such notable feature is showing related discussions right after your final comment. This feature displays as “Also on <your-site-name>”. Although it allows people to discover more related content, […]

WordPress Permalinks: Detail Information and Configuration

A permalink is a direct public URL that points to the internal pages of your website. In WordPress, your permalinks point to your posts and pages. You can configure your permalinks to make your post, page and other links user and search engine friendly. You can create logical links for your content.

WordPress Nofollow or Dofollow External Links in Selected Posts

When you blog with WordPress, you tend to add links to your posts. Links can be internal links, the ones that link to other pages or posts of your blog or they can be external links, those links which are linked to pages of another website. For some links, you might want to add the […]

Make your Images SEO Friendly in WordPress

WordPress is a great blogging and content management software. What makes it even better is the huge number of plugins available for this software. Those plugins allow a lot of customization to a WordPress powered website. A web admin can easily make the site behave like the way he or she wanted to with the […]

How to Use Dropbox as a CDN for WordPress Static Files

Dropbox is a great online tool. You can store your files on the cloud and you can access it from anywhere like your phone, desktop, laptop at different places. It is really simple and Dropbox has an app for every platform. If you are not a member of Dropbox, then you should join it immediately.

Configuring WP Super Cache Plugin with Screenshots

If you want your WordPress blog to load up quickly, then you want to use a cache plugin for it. There are two popular WordPress caching plugins: WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. Both of these work great but today we are going to talk about configuring WP Super Cache settings.

Using Disqus Commenting System in WordPress

Disqus is a popular commenting platform for websites. It works well for blogs. When you add Disqus to your WordPress blog, you will not be using the default WordPress commenting system any more. You will switch to Disqus which specializes in comments for website.

Displaying Disqus Comment Count Manually for WordPress

When you install Disqus in WordPress, you can manually update your template’s code for counting comments. Normally, your WordPress template is configured to display comment count made in the default commenting system. If you uses the universal code for Disqus comments, you will also have to manually add comment counting code as well.

15 Places to Download Free WordPress Themes

A large number of free WordPress themes exist on the internet. Those themes are available for free download in different websites. Theme designers usually give out such WordPress templates in exchange for a link back. Some themes come entirely for free while there are those which have cut back features when compared to a premium […]

Different Ways to Backup a WordPress Site

Backing up is an important part of running a WordPress powered blog. Well, there are different ways to back up a WordPress website. You can download the database and files manually, you can use plugins or you can use the inbuilt admin tools in WordPress. Whatever you do, you have to be smart and back […]